You're likely too busy to read a white paper today so enjoy our weekly Blue Paper where it’s all about the highlights.

Week : 07/19/2017

You're likely too busy to read a white paper today so enjoy our weekly Blue Paper where it’s all about the highlights.

Week : 07/19/2017

This Weeks Blue Paper Topics
  • Retirement & Succession
  • Mergers & Acquisitions
  • Acquisition Lending
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Blue Paper By Advisorbox Week of 7/10/2017
  • Breakout Broker
  • Breakaway Broker
  • Wirehouse Broker's Recruiting
  • Broker Protocol
  • Recruiting Guide for Firms
  • Retirement & Succession
  • Mergers & Acquisitions
  • Acquisition Lending
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  • Top 5 Compelling Takeaways For Breaking Away
  • 7 “Breaks” Before You Breakaway
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Blue Paper By Advisorbox Week of 6/19/2017
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  • 8 Advisor Acquisition Lending Myths
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Blue Paper By Advisorbox Week of 6/05/2017
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  • 3 Alternative Paths for Non-producing Branch Managers
  • Get Advisors “Recruiting Compass” Pointed To Your Firm
  • Nurturing Your Recruiting/Acquisition Pipeline
  • Partnerships: Put It In Writing
Blue Paper By Advisorbox Week of 5/29/2017
  • Our 10 Spoofs on the New Wirehouse Recruiting Strategy
  • “Stepping Over Mentors to Pick Up Millennials” = New Wirehouse Recruiting Mantra
  • 3 Reasons Why Other Firms Will Not Follow the New Wirehouse Recruiting Direction
  • Recruiting Bonuses are Just One of the Financial Considerations of Moving Firms
  • Suggested Books for Advisors this Summer
Blue Paper By Advisorbox Week of 5/22/2017
  • Wirehouse Advisors Putting $800 Per Day on Their Manager’s Desk
  • Growth Through Acquisitions. Brilliant!
  • 5 Waves of RIA M&A Activity
  • Producing Branch Managers Back in Demand
  • Are You on Our Buyers List?
Blue Paper By Advisorbox Week of 5/15/2017
  • Merrill Gets Booted From The Adult’s Recruiting Table
  • Our 10? Favorite spoofs and one-liners about the new Merrill Lynch Recruiting strategy
  • Where Are The Largest Recruiting Bonuses Now?
  • 5 Advisor Contingency Plans
  • What Written Signatures Reveal About You And Your Clients
Blue Paper By Advisorbox Week of 5/08/2017
  • Wirehouse Advisors: Financially Advising Yourself
  • Wirehouse Advisors: What Are You Really Getting paid?
  • No succession plan? No problem. Maybe...
  • Survey: Times Are Good For Small Business Owners
  • 2017 Starts with record quarter of RIA M&A activity
Blue Paper By Advisorbox Week of 5/01/2017
  • Acquisition Financing is Skyrocketing
  • Top 10 Seller's Markets for Exiting Advisors
  • Advisorbox Top 10 Seller States for Exiting Advisors
  • 2016 Best Ranked Cigars And Where to Get Them
  • 7 Ways to “Hack” Your Interactions with Candidates
Blue Paper By Advisorbox Week of 4/24/2017
  • 5 Things To Do When First Considering Selling Your Practice
  • Get Out Of My Personal Space
  • FICO Knows A Lot About You But What Do You Know About FICO?
  • FICO Score Minimums For Business Loans
  • FICO’s 5 Components Of Your Credit Score
Blue Paper By Advisorbox Week of 4/17/2017
  • Advisorbox is expanding our “Buyer Listing”
  • Qualify at about 6x to 7x your revenue for SBA acquisition loans
  • Qualify for 7x annual debt payment
  • Business Loan Rates are Increasing
  • Increased cost of capital consequences
Blue Paper By Advisorbox Week of 4/10/2017
  • 2017 IBD Report Card
  • J.D. Power 2017 Top 10
  • J.D. Power 2017 U.S. Full Service Investor Satisfaction Study
  • 2016 Insurance M&A
Blue Paper By Advisorbox Week of 4/03/2017
  • RIA M&A Getting Stronger In 2017
  • Don’t Be Held Hostage By Your Deferred comp
  • Deferred Comp Replacement Options
  • Busy DOL Week
  • 3 complications With DOL Timing And Outcome
Blue Paper By Advisorbox Week of 3/27/2017
  • Takeaways from 2016 M&A Data
  • Soft Landings for Breakaways
  • Breaking Down Soft Landings
  • April Fools Day: Two-Year Reprieve
  • AdvisorboxMedia Twitter Feed: Consolidate Industry Tweets
Blue Paper By Advisorbox Week of 3/20/2017
  • 10 Ideas To Attract Growth-Minded Tuck-Ins
  • SBA Loan Property Liens – 5 Things To Know
  • Birthday Paradox
  • Week In DOL
  • Advisorbox Directory Tops 200
Blue Paper By Advisorbox Week of 3/13/2017
  • 8 Reasons Why Advisors Are Still Moving Firms In 2017
  • What To Do If You Get Terminated
  • March Madness Begins This Week
  • Recruiting Advisors For Your Independent Advisory Firm? Prepare Your Brand
  • DOL Weekly
Blue Paper By Advisorbox Week of 3/6/2017
  • DOL Weekly Update
  • 5 Tips for Finding Sellers
  • 5 Buyer Preparation Tips if You Will Need an Acquisition Loan
  • Ready to Start Acquiring Practices? 10 questions to ask your broker dealer
  • Recruiting: Passive but Open Minded
Blue Paper By Advisorbox Week of 2/27/2017
  • DOL
  • Retiring in 10 Years? Maximize what you monetize
  • How Buyer Loans Impact Sellers
  • Raider Rules Radar
  • Recruiting: Passive but Open Minded

Retirement & Succession

Advisorbox provides turnkey solutions for advisors looking to sell all of their practice now or incrementally over time. We help both independent advisors implement succession options and exit strategies as well as brokers to sell into the independent side instead of sunsetting.

We believe that unlocking the equity in your practice and fulfilling your exit strategy can often be as much an emotional decision as it is a financial one. Finding the right successor with the values, competency and cultural match for the clients you’ve spent a career developing, is essential for a truly successful transition.

There is a lot to consider when selling and sellers have a lot of questions. We start of with a consultation conversation to learn about your practice, preferences and retirement timeline. We’ll share what we are seeing in the industry’s M&A landscape and the services we offer.

When you’re ready to begin we’ll navigate the process with you through valuation, seller matchmaking, deal, and closing.

We invite you to have fun with our valuation estimate calculator and to check out our Seller & Succession BluePaper.

Call Advisorbox Now!  800-685-2384

Mergers & Acquisitions

About 30% of financial advisors are reaching retirement age over the next ten years and right now about 70% of them don’t have a succession plan or successor. Growth minded advisors know this is an unprecedented opportunity to implement successful inorganic growth strategies. But how do buyers take full advantage of the pending tidal wave of available practices for sale? Call Advisorbox.

Most every advisor it seems wants to acquire a quality practice, especially one located in their backyard. Unfortunately, for eager acquirers, the tidal wave of sellers hasn’t hit yet. Currently, it is a sellers market and competition for quality practices for sale is fierce.

On your own, or partnered with the wrong firm or broker dealer, the challenge can be daunting. We help buyers maximize the acquisition support you receive from your BD or custodian, provide introductions to sellers we feel you would be a strong match for, and even help you figure out how much financing you prequalify for and then help you secure the acquisition loan.

Learn more about our free Buyer List and the qualifications required.  Call Advisorbox Now!  800-685-2384

Acquisition Lending

Advisorbox utilizes our sister firm AdvisorLoans for lending solutions to advisors.

AdvisorLoans purpose is in our name. Financing Advisors is our tag line and our mission. AdvisorLoans model is to be a Loan Advisor to Financial Advisors. We exclusively help Financial Advisors get business loans. We bridge the gap between the Advisor and Lender and do most the heavy lifting of the loan process for the advisor.

Our model is to be a consultitive Loan Advisor to the Financial Advisor. We advocate for the advisor. We’re not a proprietary sales person (Loan Officer) for one bank representing a single bank’s interest. We believe choice is good for advisors, sit at the same side of the table as the advisor borrower, and are unbiased which lender the advisor utilizes. Our focus is to get the best loan type and deal for the advisor borrower by utilizing our lending network and financial industry competency to the benefit of the advisor.

AdvisorLoans supports our Financial Advisor Borrower clients by consulting about the financing  options that match their goals, pre qualifying against our Lender Network underwriting criteria, packaging the loan, and to be your liaison throughout the entirety of the loan process.

Find out more by visiting the website.

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